Our Quarantine Procedure






Proper Dips
Our supplier both quarantine all fish for at lest 2 weeks but we know things can slip though the cracks. We start by temperature acclimating all new fish to out tank temperatures. We follow this by a a 2 min freshwater bath. Next we place the fish in a Formalin  tank for 2 hours. The next step is a 2 hour bath in a copper tank. The final step is to place the fish into our quarantine rack system for up to 2 weeks.

Our Quarantine System
Once properly acclimated, new fish are then housed and maintained in our quarantine system. To provide superior filtration and water quality, our quarantine system employs an independent filtration system with biological filtration, UV sterilization, ozone, and a large foam protein skimmer. 


Stress Reduction Period
Directly after acclimation, the fish are kept in reduced- or no-light conditions for 12 to 24 hours and we use stress guard to help keep the stress down. After 1 to 2 days we start feeding all fish with Dr. G’s anti-Bacterial and Anti-Parasitic foods for the remainder of their quarantine.


Disease Prevention
Fish, such as clownfish, and Tangs are prone to common parasitic ailments, and are given repeated freshwater baths that contain anti-parasite medication. Clownfish are quarantined for a minimum of 2 weeks at our facility before we offer them for sale.