6. Rigenera

6. Rigenera

F6 is a supplement containing Calcium and Magnesium to balance and re-mineralise osmosis water. 2 ml (two strokes) per 8 gal.


  • does not alter ionic stability of the aquarium’ water
  • High efficacy
  • provides visible results in shortest time
  • When the aquarium is densely planted, where CO2 is implemented as
    well as when strong Light is used, we suggest the combined use of ELOS
    2. 3. 4. 5. and Rigenera.

Dose: 1 ml. per 8 gal in during the start-up phase (1-8th week), 2 ml per 8 gal during regime (>9 week). Add in combination with 1.,2., 3., 4. and Rigenera

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