AquaUNO Bottom Capsules

AquaUNO capsules

   AquaUno – Capsules (20 cps)

Elos AquaUno is a specific product targeted to promote and maintain a stable process of biologic decomposition inside the aquarium. Thanks to the contribution of an adequate colony of micro-organism, its constant use will promote the installation and the keeping of the ecoequilibrium of the freshwater aquarium environment. Because of its form of packaging (monodose capsules) ELOS AquaUno keeps constant quality, pureness and efficacy from the first until the last application.

The normal process of degeneration and contamination (i.e. contact with air) has been eliminated successfully. The microorganism included in Elos AquaUno and the continuous use of it will bring about development and maintenance of the biological equilibrium within the aquarium. The use of selected enzymatic basis will accelerate, and preserve for a long time, the natural metabolic process, improving the irreversible process of decomposition of the toxic substances (urea, food, waste) avoiding, in this way, an excess of nitrogen compounds. Its use will also promote the mineralisation of the phosphorous compounds.

Used during the substrate set-up Elos AquaUno promptly delivers the necessary micro-organism and stimulates the fast colonisation of the substrate and the filter with bacteria. The fast construction of the substrate ecosystem is important for a good development of the plants.

Aquarium bottom set 1 capsule per 25 Lt or 6.5 Gallon into the substrate or open up the capsule and empty the contents in to the filter 1 capsule per 50 Lt or 13 Gallons.

Water changes open 1 capsule per 25 Lt or 6.5 Gallons and add to the filter or water flow.

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