Elos Alkali 01 Ca-Mg-Sr

Alkali 01

Alkali is a concentrated, ironically balanced blend of alkaline
compounds designed to restore and maintain the correct “Alkaline
Balance” to levels found in natural seawater. It includes Calcium as
well as Magnesium and Strontium, in amounts proportionate to the average
utilization ratios, thus allowing to keep the correct level of these
two important elements while integrating Calcium to the desired value.
Used in combination with Prima Carbonates, it permits the aquarist to
easily maintain calcium and alkalinity levels without disruption to the
ionic balance of the Aquarium water. Combine with Prima Carbonates to
correct Calcium and Alkalinity levels. This combination will supply the
highest quality Two-part system.

By adding Prima Elements, Alkali completes the addition of TRACE ELEMENTS in the Balling Method


Dose 2 ml per 10 Gallons 2 to 3 times a week

Test often to adjust the amount of dosing needed.

Use Elements 02 Iodine & Trace Elements with Carbonates 03 KH Buffer for a complete 3 part Balling Method dosing system.

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