Elos Carbonates 03 KH Buffer

Carbonates 03

Prima Carbonates is a specially formulated blend of carbonates,
borates and bicarbonate salts designed for a DOUBLE EFFECT; it RESTORES
the alkalinity and IMPROVES the buffer capacity of the Aquariums water.
In contrast to many basic products available on the market, Prima
Carbonates is not just a mix of borate and carbonate, but a blend of
pure, slow-release salts able to restore as well as to improve the
buffer capacity. Its complex formula is designed to mix clear with no
cloudiness or precipitation. Combine with Prima Alkali to correct
Calcium and Alkalinity levels for the highest quality Two-part system.

Dosage: Add 5 ml per 13 US gal of R.O. water, this will increase the level by 1 KH. Use as needed to raise KH. If KH needs to br raised by more than 1 KH use Elos Extra Line Extra KH

Test often to adjust the amount of dosing needed.

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