Feeding The Basics to Advanced

Feeding The Basics to Advanced

Feeding your tank, fish or corals isn’t always as easy as it seems. There are so many brands of food and types of food it can quickly become over whelming not to mention everyone’s ideas or opinions on feeding. We are going to go over Feeding and the types of food that WE have found to work well along with a feeding schedule. This is only our opinion not absolute fact, but we feel it will at lest get you going in the right direction. Since everyone’s tank set up is different as far as stock goes this is only meant as a guild line and you can make modifications as for what works better for you. We have links below and will add video links when possible.

  1. How much to feed and how often?
  2. Flake or Frozen?
  3. Liquid & Freeze Dried
  4. Live Food
  5. What we use and how often?

Here is what we do at our shop and what we suggest.


  1. We use Tetra Color vitamin enriched flake food on all fish twice a day.
  2. We feed frozen blood worm to all carnivorous fish every evening.
  3. Every 3 days we feed our carnivorous fish feeder fish.



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