Elos Saltwater Products

Elos Products

Here you will find information on our Elos brand products for what they are to dosing for Freshwater and Saltwater.

We will be updating this area as we test and get more information on the Elso Product line. Follow the links below for more information.

  1. Elos Alkali 01 Ca-Mg-Sr Prima Line for Dosing
  2. Elos Elements 02 Iodine & Trace Elements Prima Line for Dosing
  3. Elos Carbonates 03 KH Buffer Prima Line for Dosing
  4. AquaUno Marine
  5. Extra Iodine
  6. Extra Trace
  7. Extra Vitamin 
  8. Elos Expertline +4ma Concentrated Calcium
  9. Elos Expertline +5ma Concentrated Magnesium
  10. Elos Expertline +6ma Concentrated KH Buffer