Marine Pure VS. Live Rock

Marine Pure VS. Live Rock
Chris the Marine Mad Scientist had figured some of this for you. Hope this helps some. We will go more into depth on our Blog.

Basic calculations on surface space and water retained. These figures will give you and idea of how many pounds of Marine Pure = How many pounds of Live Rock.
We will start with Surface area. Per Pound Of each.

1 Lbs. Fiji Rock = 616.88 Sq. Yards
1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 576.06 Sq. Yards
1 Lbs. Reef Saver = 276.69 Sq. Yards
1 Lbs. Pukani = 276.68 Sq. Yards
1 Lbs. Tonga = 54.43 Sq. Yards

So from looking at these numbers we were going to guess that Fiji Rock would be the best to use having the most surface area, so we decided to see how much water 1 pound of each could actually retain and that where things got very interesting. Here are our numbers.
We will show you water retention per pound of each.

1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 42 Oz.
1 Lbs. Pukani = 6.5 Oz.
1 Lbs. Fiji = 3.5 Oz.
1 Lbs. Tonga =1.5 Oz.
1 Lbs. Reef Saver 1 Oz.

This shows that the Marine Pure has the most area for bacteria to live and grow

Here are the numbers I came up with as far as how many Lbs. of Live Rock equal 1 Lbs. of Marine Pure.

1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 6.46 Lbs of Pukani
1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 12 Lbs. of Fiji
1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 28 Lbs. of Tonga
1 Lbs. Marine Pure = 42 Lbs.of Reef Saver

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