Setup Bottom fertiliser (100gr / 100lt)

ELOS TerraZero is the modern long-term granular fertilizer to be used during the substrate set-up. Most of the traditional bottom fertilisers release the requested minerals too low or too fast and not constantly creating peaks thus influencing the mineral balance inside our aquarium.

ELOS TerraZero is the first natural aquatic plants booster, using a slow-release system in a unique blend: this is the new generation technology for the release of plants nutrients.


  • scientific well-thought formulation its use helps to meet the natural characteristics of the water of tropical rivers.
  • slow-release system: prevents over-fertilization by slow-release
  • respects the delicate chemical balance in the soft freshwater
  • does not disturb the ph value
  • regulates the natural growth of your aquarium plants, prolonging the life of these

SIZE: 100g (enough for a 26 gal. aquarium)

DIRECTIONS: Must be applied on the bottom glass and only in new setups; should never be in contact with the water column.

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