Triton Method

Replacing the elements consumed by your living system is Important!

Triton is a 4 stage dosing system that should be dosed with a mechanical dosing system.

Once your tank has been cycled and you have observed a drop in alkalinity below 8dKH, it’s time to start dosing. The four TRITON Base Elements dosing solutions are a collection of ionically balanced elements and compounds designed to provide (replace) everything the bacteria, plants, invertebrates and fish in your ecosystem need. A rough guide for your first dose with Base Elements is 10ml per 100L of the display tank volume for each bottle (Base Elements 1, 2, 3a and 3b). If you are using the Base Elements CORE7 concentrate the starting dose will be ~2ml per 100L or 26 Gallons.
Note: these starting doses are based on a lightly stocked system with little consumption. As your stocking levels increase so will your daily dose. Now begin daily monitoring of alkalinity (dKH). Alkalinity When setting up your system your goal is to create stable water chemistry that approximates Natural Seawater and stays that way! Every
reef tank is a unique combination of seawater, substrate and biology. The target alkalinity is around 8dKH, which you control by dosing with the Base Elements solutions. The balanced nature of these solutions ensures all of your other parameters remain as they should. Should your alkalinity drop, gradually increase the dosage of all of the Base Elements equally until the required level returns, if it goes up then reduce the dose. Don’t obsess about achieving a constant reading of 8dKH, stability is the goal, if your tank maintains a stable dKH of 7.3 then that is just as good as 8.
Note: for users of Base Elements CORE7 we recommend a target dKH of 7. Monitor the alkalinity daily for a week, or until the system settles, after which you can test at longer intervals. Once you have a stable alkalinity / dosing regime it is time to send a sample of tank water off for ICP testing